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Balloon Value:

To Decorate Space with three balloon colors, pricing varies.  Custom colors require balloons to be stuffed with a second color which increases the cost of balloon purchase,  The average cost of balloons for decor is anywhere from $100 to $150.  Then you have the cost associated with time and labor.  Which range from $250 u to $1000 depending on the design.  On the other hand a free flowing garland cost around $150 per 6 feet for a standard spiral.  Installation free can cost $75-$200 per hour depending on the difficulty of the setup.  Balloons come in different sizes 12, 5, 18, 10, and 36 inches.  Most balloon arch providers will offer different add-ons services such as balloon columns or backdrops to complement the arch.  These services will typically cost an additional fee on top of the balloon arch price.

There may also be delivery fees associated with the cost.  

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